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Super Money Island - Salty Stick Figures Edition by TheGuardianTempest
Super Money Island - Salty Stick Figures Edition
:iconyyyy4: for the original template
:icondetherok69: for his character Razor
:iconlessy652: for her character Isa
:iconalkogolik: for his character Amazing Nemo
:icondan-dickington: for his personification of the color :iconcolor-redplz:
:iconwalkingcityoct: for the little cameos of Paradox and Hui

I may have calmed down but there's always enough salt left for a little persistence. This isn't the last you'll see of me, one way or another.

SMI - Isa Battle Animation by TheGuardianTempest
SMI - Isa Battle Animation
Haha, this is an animation I made for :iconlessy652: as thanks for the (lewd) fanart of my OC's. Here's Isa as a stick figure doing some fighting. It should've been quick but I ended up cutting corners to make it happen. Y'know, there was supposed to be hair and blood fx but it would've taken me forever and I'd rather save my energy for the rounds proper. Sorry for omitting that, and it only took me a few days.

Also, it's my first proper animation in 18fps and it's almost entirely single-framed.

SMI Screencap Meme - Inactive Helmet Edition by TheGuardianTempest
SMI Screencap Meme - Inactive Helmet Edition

Now it is my turn to join the fray. I would've gotten Sefford in here but his color keeps blending into the background.

Pls don't judge my choice of bookmark tabs, I forgot I had them there until now.
Super Money Island S3 Audition - Note from Nowhere by TheGuardianTempest
Super Money Island S3 Audition - Note from Nowhere
Haha, I'm surprised at how fast I made this. It only took around five hours or less.

And here is my audition, time to use my knowledge gained from seeing stick figures beat each other senseless to the test.

Reference Sheet
Super Money Island Ref - Sefford and Black Sheep by TheGuardianTempest
Super Money Island Ref - Sefford and Black Sheep
It's like a legit OCT sheet! Except that the concept is really bad and the polish is worse than raw mud. But that's why we're here folks!

Behold, my character sheet for :iconsupermoneyislandoct:, the ultimate oc tournament where dreams come true just to kick you in the nuts. It got very out of hand past the concept brainstorming stage. I wuvved it too much to abandon it now, so I might as well toss it into the pit.

I'll be honest, I would've planned on simply combining :iconkarlplz: with :iconblackaceplz: but it was beyond my mortal scope. So, next best thing is to hustle together some stick figures. I hope Zeurel wouldn't be too startled with me ripping pages out of his book, these sorts of accidents happen frequently anyways. Yes NightMargin, you are also (blatantly) referenced as penance for abandoning a comic I forgot about. I never got past namedropping.

Now, :icondetherok69:, prepare for your demise! And if I don't make it then I'll have someone else pwn you for me!

Audition - A flash comic

(Drawn using Flash CS6, you know something's wrong when you use an animation software for drawing!)

Other Details:
- Sefford's backpack mainly stores weapons and other equipment, a lot of it. Yes, he just whips out a new weapon mid-fight if needed to.
- Here's his huge collection of "popular" weapons. No infringement intended :P, he just borrowed them all.
- Black Sheep's tentacles can have nearly any sort of attachment, from melee weapons like blades and claws, to ranged weapons like tiny blasters, to utility tools like flashlights and hacking plugs, to silly stuff like err...classified. o////o
- She can sprout them nearly anywhere on her body, but she prefers to have it from her back or her hands.


TheGuardianTempest's Profile Picture
Ambitious Daydreamer
Well, I learned alot from my classes in animation and digital art. I'll be taking a break now, followed by my long overdue Nuzlocke updates.

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MS Paint and Photoshop (not at the same time), except for Iskaibound which was drawn with Flash CS6.
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